Who We Are

We are manufacturers of animal feeds. Our mission is to provide Kenyan farmers with the perfect balance of affordability and quality in animal feeds. We are dedicated to maximizing livestock health and productivity through our superior, plant-based feeds. We believe in the strength of our farming community and aim to foster a sustainable future by merging innovation, affordability, and environmentally conscious practices.

Our Manufacturing Process

At PrimeBlend, our manufacturing process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.


It all begins with careful selection of the finest ingredients. We source these locally, building strong relationships with Kenyan farmers we know and trust, thus ensuring freshness and authenticity.


Each ingredient is meticulously inspected to maintain our stringent quality standards and uphold the integrity of our products.


We blend these ingredients with precision, guided by rigorous scientific research, to create balanced feeds that meet or exceed government standards.

This attention to detail in sourcing, inspecting, and blending ensures we deliver animal feed that stands as a benchmark for quality and nutritional excellence in the industry.

Our Products

For Poultry Farmers

At PrimeBlend, we understand the specific nutritional needs of your poultry, and we meet them head-on with our specialized line of chicken feeds. Made from the finest plant-based ingredients, our feeds are designed to maximize growth, egg production, and overall health for layers, broilers, and chicks alike. Whether it’s improving feather quality or increasing egg-laying frequency, our chicken feed provides the right balance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your birds need to thrive.

For Cattle Farmers

At PrimeBlend, we cater to the unique nutritional needs of both dairy and beef cattle. Our line of cow feeds, created from premium plant-based ingredients, is tailored to optimize the health and productivity of your herd, irrespective of their purpose. For dairy cows, our feed supports high milk yield and enhanced health, ensuring that your dairy operations are profitable and sustainable. Meanwhile, for beef cattle, our nutritionally balanced feed promotes efficient weight gain and muscle development, resulting in high-quality beef. Regardless of the sector, PrimeBlend delivers the right balance of energy, protein, fiber, and essential minerals for optimal cattle well-being and farmer satisfaction.

For Pigs Farmers

PrimeBlend pig feeds are tailored to match the precise nutritional demands at every stage of a pig’s life cycle, from piglets to sows. Our all-natural, plant-based feeds promote optimal growth, fertility, and overall health. The feed formula is designed to efficiently convert feed into lean meat, thus ensuring your pigs get the most out of our product. High in energy, protein, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, our pig feeds contribute to profitable pig farming.