For Pigs Farmers

PrimeBlend pig feeds are tailored to match the precise nutritional demands at every stage of a pig’s life cycle, from piglets to sows. Our all-natural, plant-based feeds promote optimal growth, fertility, and overall health. The feed formula is designed to efficiently convert feed into lean meat, thus ensuring your pigs get the most out of our product. High in energy, protein, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, our pig feeds contribute to profitable pig farming.

Sow and Weaner Feed

Support the well-being of your sows and their piglets with our Sow and Weaner Feed. Designed to meet the unique nutritional demands of pregnant and lactating sows as well as their offspring, this feed is rich in energy, protein, and essential minerals. It helps to maintain the sow’s condition during pregnancy and lactation, while also ensuring piglets receive the nutrients necessary for robust early growth. Our feed lays the groundwork for healthy, thriving pigs.

Pig Finisher Feed

Our Pig Finisher Feed is designed to optimize the growth and muscle development of your pigs, preparing them for market. With a high concentration of energy and protein, our feed facilitates the final stages of weight gain and lean muscle development. This feed ensures efficient feed conversion, resulting in a lower cost per kilogram of weight gain, providing you with healthier pigs and higher returns.